5 Ways to Open MOBI files

Digital documents in the MOBI format usually represent books, magazines, comics. Mobipocket ebooks use a specific data encryption type, so you will need a special Mobi reader to open them. But what if you don't have such an app pre-installed on your PC or a phone?

In this article we will share 5 different ways open a MOBI file on various devices running various operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android). There are online and offline methods, too.

1. How to open MOBI files offline?

The most popular program for that is Icecream Ebook Reader which allows you to turn your desktop into a great ebook reader.

Open Mobi file in Icecream Ebook Reader

How to use Icecream Ebook Reader to open MOBI files

  1. Download the MOBI reader on your Windows PC, install and open the program.
  2. Click the "Add book" button to add a single file. Click the "Add folder" to add a folder containing electronic books of the supported formats. Alternatively, just drag and drop MOBI file to the reader.
  3. The selected books or book will be now displayed in the Library. Double click on the book's record in the Library to open MOBI file.

In addition to reading, Icecream Ebook Reader handles the following tasks:

  • Bookmarks creation;
  • Search within content;
  • Notes taking;
  • Quick navigation within book.

Advantages of this method to open MOBI files

  • Free way to read ebooks on Windows;
  • Doesn't consume much of PC resources;
  • Installation and downloading is done in a matter of seconds;
  • Does not require an Internet connection;
  • Compatible with all Windows versions, starting from 7th.

2. How to open MOBI on a mobile?

This method is suitable for Android and iOS. Some smartphones already have pre-installed readers and do not require additional software. However, there are cases when the user does not like the functionality or wants to open MOBI files and have more options at a hand. In this case, the user needs to go to the Google Play or App Store, depending on the operating system used.

Then the choice depends on what type of documents the user wants to read, whether the application is paid or free, the editing capabilities, and so on. Usually, programs with great functionality are distributed only with the purchase of the PRO-version.

The advantages of this method are:

  • Large selection or MOBI readers on the market;
  • Once installed, the apps work offline and don't require Internet connection;
  • You can read electronic books on the go.

3. Convert MOBI file to PDF

This method has its own advantages. Turn to a MOBI to PDF converter to change the format of your ebook. This way you can save the book in PDF format, which can be easily opened on any device and OS.

Advantages of converting MOBI to PDF:

  • Large selection of free ebook to PDF converter;
  • Keep your books in a more convenient-in-use format;
  • If you have certain experience, all the work does not take a lot of time.

4. Open MOBI files online with a browser extension

All the popular browsers have the built-in feature to open various formats, such as PDF, JPG, PNG and others. MOBI format can not be natively opened, but there are plenty of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge extensions that can help to open MOBI files.

PROS of using extensions for popular browsers:

  • Work directly in the browser;
  • Can open ebooks both online and offline;
  • Compatible with most browsers and operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac.

5. Online Mobi Readers

Go ahead and go to Online Document Viewer and drag and drop a Mobi file to open it in your browser.

Groupdocs to open Mobi file

The service allows you to upload the book online and you do not have to download the desktop version on your PC. This will prevent unnecessary stuffing with software of your computer.

However, this method requires a constant Internet connection, which can cause some difficulties for users with unstable Wi-Fi. Also, most online Mobi readers are not equipped with tools for editing, creating notes and bookmarks.

Advantages of this method:

  • Almost all utilities of this type are free of charge;
  • Provides the user with more convenience when working in the browser.
  • Read multiple books in the opened tabs;
  • Does not consume PC resources.
author by Alexa Davis

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