Best ePub Reader for Windows 10

EPUB books are quite popular today, but opening them requires the presence of special reading program - a EPUB reader. There are quite a few of them, and they can be easily downloaded from the Internet. However, not all ebook readers have a user-friendly interface, a free license, and a wide range of functions. Reading novels, comics, popular science literature should not only be beneficial, but also be comfortable. So in this article we have prepared for you 6 best EPUB readers for Windows 10, based on the needs of users, programs' features and positive reviews.

1. Icecream Ebook Reader - the best overall EPUB reader for Windows

Icecream Ebook Reader

This is a fairly easy-to-manage ebook reader with a lot of functional settings for the most comfortable reading process.

The software supports all the most common ebook formats (EPUB, FB2, CBR, MOBI and others) and has a pleasant and intuitive interface. Make notes, change the font size and reading modes, manage your own library. Add bookmarks for the most convenient navigation. Create custom Library categories for top-notch organizaion.

This EPUB reader has an amazing search system, too. You can search within ebooks not only for whole sentences, but also for individual phrases and words. This allows you to find the desired section or quote in just a few seconds.


  • High speed of functioning;
  • Does not require a high-end PC;
  • EPUB reader with user-friendly interface;
  • Intuitive Library organization;
  • Additional options for scaling and reading in full screen mode;


  • The text to speed feature is under the development;
  • Can only read 1 electronic book at a time.

2. Calibre - open-source EPUB reader

Calibre open source epub reader

This is a well-known EPUB reader with a wide range of the most needed tools and features. Windows, Linux, macOS are supported by this open-source ebook viewer.

You can use a built-in editor, create bookmarks and notes. In addition, the program has a fairly advanced search system by different categories, e.g., by author.

Calibre EPUB reader can cause difficulties for newcomers who are just starting to work with this specific format due to the large number of features. The interface is overwhelmed with a large number of buttons, folders and lists.

Visit Calibre official website ->


  • Ebook reader with a great functionality;
  • Small program size;
  • Supports all operating systems, cross-platform;
  • Built-in simple editor;
  • Suitable for professional.


  • Overloaded interface;
  • Steep learning curve.

3. FBReader - cross-platform ebook reader

FBReader for Windows

If you're looking for a single EPUB reader to be installed on all your devices and OSs be it Windows, macOS, Android or iOS - FBReader has got you covered, It supports books in popular formats, including EPUB, FB2 and even HTML.

There's a very convenient "smart" library, which will automatically sort all the downloaded ebook files by author, tags and titles. If properly configured, this ebook viewer can access some online libraries, too. The ebook reader is capable of translating selected sections of text, if necessary. This is often a very useful feature.

There's an older open-source version of the program that'll let you modify the program according to your needs. Also, this free EPUB reader is regularly updated.


  • Developers implemented the ability to quickly exchange messages via SkyDrive;
  • Convenient Library organization;
  • Neat interface;
  • Fairly wide range of functions.


  • No support for PDF, DJVU formats.

FBReader website ->

4. STDU Viewer - lightweight EPUB reader

STDU Viewer

This document reading software works on Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows OS. It's capable of reading almost all electronic book formats (DjVu, MOBI, EPUB, PDF, and other) but has limited functionality. Although, if you're looking for EPUB reader only and don't need extra features - this program will definitely work for you.

The software is created for everyday viewing of documents and there are option to highlight content, scale pages, and other simple tools.


  • Small size – the program takes about 10.9 MB;
  • EPUB reader with fast performance;
  • Wide range of the supported formats.


  • Limited functionality;
  • Poorly designed interface, which will be difficult for beginners.

STDU Viewer Main Page ->

5. Fiction Book Reader - EPUB reader with clean interface

Fiction Book Reader

This particular EPUB reader is distributed through Windows Store for free. Thus, installation is a blast - 1 click and you're all set.

The viewer has a neat but straightforward interface with a set of all standard features. You can get the ebooks by entering URLs in the app.

In addition, we can note the ebook reader's possibility of synchronizing the library on different devices, customizing the program theme and animated page turning.

Fiction Book Reader Limited on Microsoft Store ->


  • Absolutely free EPUB reader;
  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Great color reproduction;
  • Windows integration guarantees easy installation process;
  • Synchronization with all your mobile and desktop devices.


  • No automatic book search;
  • Pretty standard set of tools and settings.


In this article we reviewed and listed the best EPUB readers for Windows 10. Of course, the choice of the program depends on what exactly you're looking for in a software.

Less complex apps will be more suitable for quick reading of ebooks. However, for comfortable reading with animated page turning, wide mode settings and flexible features you will need a more professional software.

author by Alexa Davis

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